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Report on Forum’s 18th Anniversary Celebrations

The Theme of the program was “No Plastic”

Forum for a better Hyderabad (FBH) has celebrated its Eighteenth anniversary coinciding with World Environment Day Week-2018 at Indirapriyadarshini auditorium,Public Gardens, Nampally, Hyderabad on 1.6.2018.

The function began with the Oxfordians rendering the prayer song followed by a wonderful song sung by Mrs. Sangamitra Mallik on banning use of plastics. The Chairperson of Forum for a Better Hyderabad Mr. Vedakumar invited important dignitaries and the audience . He briefed the audience on the contributions of the eminent dignitaries and their current occupations.

The occasion was graced by the Chief Guest Mr. Vinod Kumar, MP of Telangana who appreciated the work of forum but wanted a solve the menace of alarming traffic in the city.  He promised to make water accessible for 24 hrs and electricity available to Urban and Rural Hyderabad in a short period of time.

Shri Vinod Kumar and Shri. Gopal Krishna along with other dignitaries released the “Annual Number 2017-18 “ on special occasion.  Forum for better Hyderabad (17 yrs of activism and service 2016-17)

On his address to the gathering, Prof..Ravindera Vasavada, Founder Head Centre for Conservation Studies and  Architect , FRAS. emphasized the students to develop sensitivity towards conserving water and natural resources. He urged the civil society to be contributing to the natural resources rather than depleting it.

The eminent guests namely Shri Gopal Krishna IAS ( Retd )  gave valuable messages to make the future generations aware of the hazards of pollution and how ecological imbalances could bring threats to our lives. The eminent dignitaries spoke on various issues regarding saving  the heritage, prevention of wasting water and paper, restrictions on using plastics, making Hyderabad a walkable city and  promote using public transport. The eminent personality have given the young Oxfordians the message of unity with the mantras of team work, hard work, homework and network.  “I should do” should with the resolution of the young generation physical fitness that is caused due to frequent use of vehicles. She appealed to the gathering to abstain from becoming vehichle prone and promote walking or use of public transport instead
Shri. K.Vidyadhar highlighted the drainage menace that is prevalent in some districts of Telanganam which needed to be addressed at the earliest. He was concerned of the blockages that are caused due to the plastic debri in the drains of the cities,. He expressed concern on the treatment and draining of rainwater.

The dignitaries were felicitated with saplings of curry leaves as a mark of appreciation. The committee members of the Forum For Better Hyderabad felicitated each of them.

The faculty of JB and Venkateswara Architectural College were also felicitated cheered up a young town planners of the new generation. 

Smt.Shobha Singh informed that India  would be hosting the “ World Environment Day “ and that Hyderabad would also host in its own way through the “ Forum For Better Hyderabad “

The  celebration was closed with vote of thanks given by Smt.Sangamitra and the student with the audience sang the national anthem.

FBH vice president Sri. M.H Rao, Treasurer Sri. Rao Chelikani Rao, Sri.Qamar Mohd Khan, Sri.S.P. Shorey, Sri.Nagavendar Rao, Sri.K.S Murthy,Sri.Mehatha, Sri.S. Jeevan Kumar, Sri.Vishnu Kanth Bede, Sri.J.Devi Prasad, Smt.Frauke Quader and Sri.Deepankar Datta etc., Students and teachers from different schools and Smt.J.Gayatri, Director, staff and students of  JBR Architecture College and other architecture colleges have participated in the programme.

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The Commissioner
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
Tank Bund

Sub:   Mohanlal Malani’s Residence, James Street -  a notified heritage building under Sl.No.98, category III -3.18  of the heritage list of HUDA notification. – regarding.

We came to know that the roof portion and other portions of the back side portion of Mohanlal Malani’s Residence building, James Street, Secunderabad is being demolished by a construction company.

We are raising this issue because the Malani’s building is a notified heritage building and it is protected under Regulation 13 of HUDA Zoning Regulations Act 1981. Under that regulation, no building notified as a heritage building can be altered, demolished, etc., without prior, written approval of the concerned authorities.

Heritage buildings, Heritage Precincts, and Archeological sites are fast disappearing, warranting a serious and concerted comprehensive strategy for heritage conservation. Forum for a Better Hyderabad has been in the forefront for protecting heritage of the city and could even bring majority of such issues on to the table and most of the rock formations and hillocks were protected from demolitions and encroachments.

Please, therefore, issue orders to the concerned officials to stop the work immediately and take such steps preserve the heritage building.
Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Yours Faithfully,
President, Forum For A Better Hyderabad

C.C to: The Commissioner, HMDA, Tarnaka,Hyderabad
            The Principal Secretary, MA& UD, Government of Telangana, Hyderabad
            The Director, Heritage Telangana, Government of  Telangana,Gunfoundry, Hyd.
            The Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad
Threat to Mohanlal Malani’s Residence, James Street
An appeal to safeguard and conserve the notified Heritage building
Sub: Threat to Mohanlal Malani’s Residence, James Street - a notified heritage building under Sl.No.98, category III - 3.18 of the heritage list of HUDA notification - regarding.

We came to know that the roof portion and other portions of the back side portion of Mohanlal Malani’s Residence building, James Street, Secunderabad is being demolished by a construction company.

We are raising this issue because the Malani’s building is a notified heritage building under Sl.No.98, Category III-3.18 of the heritage list of HUDA and it is protected under Regulation 13 of HUDA Zoning Regulations Act 1981. Under that regulation, no building notified as a heritage building can be altered, demolished, etc., without prior, written approval of the concerned authorities.

As the Heritage buildings, Heritage Precincts and Archeological sites are fast disappearing, warranting a serious and concerted comprehensive strategy for heritage conservation. Forum for a Better Hyderabad has been in the forefront for protecting heritage of the city and could even bring majority of such issues on to the table and most of the rock formations and hillocks were protected from demolitions and encroachments.

We request the Government of Telangana to issue orders to the concerned officials to stop the work immediately to safeguard and conserve the notified Heritage building.

President, Forum For A Better Hyderabad

Encl: Photographs of the building and the photographs showing the demolition activity taking place at the building

WOMENS BIKE RALLY -" V for Cause "

Sri.M.Vedakumar, President, Forum For a Better Hyderabad had inaugurated the “WOMENS BIKE RALLY” on 25.3.2018 organised by “V for Cause” an NGO with an appeal ‘Your family is waiting at home, think’ with messages on wearing a helmet, seat belt, no to drink and drive and no mobile phone during driving to spreading awareness on road safety. Around 50 women bikers took out the bike rally at People’s Plaza, Necklace Road. Smt. K.Sudha Reddy, Vice President, V for Cause, Smt.Bontu Sridevi ,Wife of Mayor, Smt.Teegala Anita Reddy, President, TRS Maheshwaram Mandalam Constituency Mahila Wing, Smt.Rangeshwari, General Secretary, TRS Mahila Wing, LB Nagar Constituency, Smt. Laxmi Prasanna, Corporator, LB Nagar and Actress Priyakrishna and others took part in the programme.

Sri.M.Vedakumar spoke about road safety and how an accident happens every minute on our roads and said that the percentage of road accidents are more in 2 wheeler driving than 4 wheelers driving. He appraised the organizers for conducting such type of awareness programmes for the wellness of the society.

India Infrastructure Dialogue round table on the state of Hyderabad city

Sri.M.Vedakumar, President, Forum For a Better Hyderabad has participated in the Round Table discussion on the “India Infrastructure Dialogue round table on the state of Hyderabad city”held by foundation for Futuristic Cities on 24.1.2018 The main objective of the roundtable was to get a snapshot of Infrastructure status of the city and to give an opportunity for a city to revisit city priorities, investment decisions, infrastructure and reform areas. Speaking on the occasion Sri.M.Vedakumar expressed that Hyderabad is the heritage city and its protection is the need of the hour. The historical sites of city and its peri- urban area need to be taken care. We look forward to have sustainable development of the city.

Indian infra
Indian infra

Dt: 27.9.2017

Memorial Meet

Forum for A Better Hyderabad (FBH) in collaboration with Centre for Deccan Studies (CDS) has organized a MEMORIAL MEET under the GREAT TAMARIND TREE on 27th September, 2017 from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the park of Osmania General Hospital. The Solidarity Meet was to pay homage to the victims of 1908 Musi floods which saved more than 150 lives during the 1908 floods, a disastrous flood on the banks of river Musi shattered the lives of many people of Hyderabad.

Eminent Scholars, Historians and NGOS, School teachers and children have participated. They discussed about the facilities viz., roads, drainage, urban development in the period of Nizam and measures taken after the disaster.

The Welcome Song was presented by students of Oxford Grammar School, Himayatnagar. The students also sang songs on the importance of greenery, nature and on the Tamarind Tree. The Chief Guest of the programme was Sri.Prem Singh Rathore, Chairman, Musi River Front Development Corporation (MRFDC) and Janab Baba Fasiuddin. Md, Deputy Mayor, GHMC was the Guest of Honour.

Sri.M.Vedakumar, President, Forum, highlighted the importance of the Musi River and its revival for the development of Hyderabad. He retraced the history of Musi river in its glorified time where the river was the sole provider as water source. He reminded the origin point of Musi river from Anantagiri Hills, Vikarabad thereby being enriched with medicinal values as it was flowing through rich vegetations hence making it most potable water. He expressed concern over the persistent contamination of the Musi river by various agents like the factories, garbage dumping etc., He also urged the youth of the society to be sensitive towards the contamination and help jointly in controlling it.

The meeting proceeded with the addressal by Janab Baba Fasiuddin Md. who symbolized the Musi river with various forms of gods and goddesses. He also urged the youth to join hands in reviving and cleansing of the Musi river. He glorified the Tamarind Tree, which had sheltered 150 people and above during the Musi floods and revered its contribution to humanity. He appreciated the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the Hon’ble Minister Sri.KTR in promoting the cleansing, restoration and beautification of the Musi River and allocating substantial budgets for its development.

Further on, the Chief Guest of the programme Sri.Prem Singh Rathore addressed the gathering by taking a vow to ensure the success of the project handed over to him as the Chairman of Musi River Front Development Corporation. He ensured organizing of various events namely.. Night Bazars, Festivals, Parking slots etc., by creating banks of the river wherever possible. In his commitment to the project, he urged the society in particular, the youth/students to volunteer services and concern in the cleansing of the river. He urged the collaboration of Forum for a Better Hyderabad and CDS to contribute in the achievement of the project’s objectives. He insisted that every citizen of the city should object to anyone attempting to contaminate the river and also invited the youth to come up with innovative ideas in developing the project. He thanked FBH and CDS for collaborating and providing support in the development of the Musi River Project.

FBH Members Sri.M.H.Rao,Sri.Adarsh, Smt.Shobha Singh, Smt.Satya Prasanna, Md.Ashwaq, Sri.B.Babu Rao, Sri.M.Prabhakar Rao, Prof.Anwar Khan, Dr.Anand Raj Varma, Sri.Syam Prasad Tiwari, Mohd.Ilyas Khan, Smt.Indira, Sri.Veerender Borra Reddy, Sri.M.Prabhakar,Sri.Vinod Kishan Yadav.G.Venugopal Rao, and others also participated in the programme.


Inauguration of Film Screenings as part of Musi River International Film Festival, 2017 was conducted at Ravindra Bharathi,  on 19.1.17 at 11 a.m. by Sri.Mamidi Hari Krishna, Director, Department of Language and Culture, Government of Telangana.  Sri.M.Vedakumar, Chairman, Children's Film Society, Telangana and Ms.Anita Medasani, Regional Manager, CMS Hyderabad briefed about the Musi River International Film Festival,2017 to the participants.  Sri.M.Vedakumar explained about the historical importance of the Musi River.   Eminent persons,  like minded people and students of different schools have  attended and watched the films screenings. They appreciated the organisers for providing such opportunity to see the films from National and International based with the theme of "Water for Life"


A Musi River Front Walk was conducted as part of Musi River International Film Festival, 2017 on the 20th January, 2017 in the morning, staring at the City College, Next to State High Court and ending at the Salarjung Museum (8:00 AM -11:00 AM).  Eminent persons, historians, Civil Society groups and NGOS along with the school children and organisers of the Festival were took part in the walk.  During the walk discussions and question hour were also conducted. The participants were explained and guided by Sri.M.Vedakumar, Chairman Children's Film Society, Telangana about the historic significance of Musi River and the need for the  protection,  conservation and beautification of  the River during the walk. 

A Cultural & Literary meet “SHAAM-e-MUSI” was organised by CMS Vatavaran in association with DECCAN ACADEMY, Children’s Film Society, Telangana and Forum For a Better Hyderabad on 21st Jan, 2017 (Saturday) at 6 p.m. at Tamarind Tree, in the premises of Osmania Hospital, Afzal GunjiIn connection with Musi River International Film Festival, 2017, Hyderabad. The Chief Guest was Sri.B.V.Papa Rao, IAS., Advisor to the Government of Telangana.

The other participants were Sri.M.Vedakumar, Chairman, DECCAN ACADEMY, Sri.Srinivasa Reddy, Zonal Commissioner (South Zone), GHMC, Sri.N.Bhaskar Rao, Chairman, CMS Vatavaran, Sri.Sajjad Shahid, Secretary, Centre for Deccan Studies Sri.S.Anand Raj Varma, Historian, Ms.Anita Medasani, Regional Manager, CMS Hyderabad. Speaking on the occasion Sri.B.V.Papa Rao said “The historic saviour tree will be given most importance and the entire surrounding area of the tree will be protected and conserved further, accordingly a request will be made to the Commissioner, GHMC”. He further said that the there is special agenda in Telangana Government for the protection and conservation of surroundings of Musi River. Sri.M.Vedakumar in his speech said that in future also similar type of programmes based heritage and cultural will be conducted in and around Musi River on behalf of Deccan Academy and Forum For A Better Hyderabad to create awareness among Hyderabadies on the historic importance of Hyderabad and its culture. On this occasion, Laavni on Musi Floods, Phaag, Poems on the Musi River, Songs on Hyderabad and Gazals were sung by Sri.Narender Rai, Sri.Suresh Babu and Kishore Kumar group and short films based on environment, nature, rivers were screened at the venue.

Participants were guided and explained about the historical importance of city of Hyderabad and the history of 1908 Musi Floods, and how the Tamarind Tree had saved the lives of 100 people. The programme has to came an end with a vote of thanks by Smt.Shobha Singh, General Secretary, CFS, Telangana.


Musi River International Film Festival, 2017, Hyderabad organised by CMS Vatavaran and Children’s Film Society, Telangana in association with DECCAN ACADEMY,Forum For A Better Hyderabad,TSPCB, GHMC and JNTU held from 18th – 25th Jan, 2017 at Hyderabad was concluded at TSPCB Auditorium on 25.1.17 at 2 p.m. by Sri. P.Satyanarayana Reddy, IAS., Member Secretary, TSPCB.

On this occasion, a Citation was presented to Sri.Subhash Reddy, as a Green Ambassador, who is committed towards the cause of water resource conservation by Sri.M.Vedakumar, Chairman, Children’s Film Society and Ms.Anita Medasani, Regional Manager, CMS Vatavaran A TALK on River Musi- Issues & Challenges for Environment Reporting also conducted during the film screening on the Closing Ceremony Day.

Forum has been consistently opposing the setting up of golf course by Hyderabad golf association In the Naya Quila area of Golconda fort, specially the violations of relevant laws and certain causes Of MoU between APTDC and HGA. Forum’s letters at 4th Oct 2012 to GoAP conveners of CoP-2011 conference and a Brochure giving all the information have been put under “Heritage” page
15th AnnualDay
15th AnnualDay
15th AnnualDay
15th AnnualDay
15th AnnualDay
15th AnnualDay
Date : 27-08-2016
13th AnniverseryReport
Date : 05-06-2012

FORUM FOR A BETTER HYDERABAD celebrated its 12th Formation Day by coinciding with World Environmental Day today from 10.30 a.m. at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyd. Prof. Ch.HANUMANTA RAO, Founder Member, Centre for Economics and Social Sciences (CESS),Former Member, Planning Commission of INDIA, Member, Advisory Council, GOI. was the Chief Guest and released the Annual Number of FORUM. The programme took off with the welcome address by Dr.M.Mandal a senior member of FORUM.

Prof. Ch.HANUMANTA RAO, the Chief Guest co-related the environmental aspect with the economic status of our country. The environmental degradation is due to population and poor economical growth and poverty are main contributors and lack of regulatory frame. The broad based infrastructure is not being planned and has its own impact. There is a symmetric relationship between economic, environment and public expenditure which will have effect on livelihood of a common man has to be given much and more importance.

Speaking on the occasion Sri. NEERABH K. PRASAD, I.A.S., Metropolitan Commissioner, HMDA. lauded the efforts of the FORUM towards attaining Sustainable Hyderabad. Further he said about 501 various sizes lakes are existing in and around cities out of which only 169 lakes are notified by the Government. The immediate task HMDA feels is that saving, cleansing of Hussain Sagar lake and its catchment area by involving NGOs. Subsequently focus will be on other water bodies to relieve them from the clutches of encroachment.

Smt.CHANDANA CHAKRABARTI, Convener, The MARCH, derived World Environment Day as a specific day for every individual and various organizations to think specifically about environment and its protection. This has to be continued every day instead of confining it to only to the 5th June of every year. India should be hotspot of bio-diversity. Soil NPK ratio has been deteriorated due to extensive usage of pesticides in various states leading to cancer. So the pesticide usage has to be contained by using cow dung.

Dr. K.L.VYAS,,Water Warrior mentioned the importance of water by quoting an example that VII Nizam Mehboob Ali Khan used to carry Mir Alam Tank Water for drinking purpose whenever he used to go other parts of India. He relied so much on this water because of its purity. Similarly Aurangazeb who invaded Golconda had felt to stay back in Bhagyanagar because of the unpolluted air. Hence, he said that its every citizen’s responsibility to contribute their might to keep the air and water away from pollution and advised to follow the concept “City in the Forest - Forest in the City”.

SRI.M.VEDAKUMAR, President, FORUM speaking on the occasion said that once upon a time the Hyderabad city was very beautiful with full of gardens, lakes , now it has become concrete jungle. This is due to the Government negligence. He also explained the in the period Asaf Zahi’s, the drainage and sewerage system of Hyderabad was very well planned, now it is being neglected by the Government. He also explained the drainage system in Hi-tech city is worst and the drained water is being diverted into the near by lakes, which is causing pollution and he emphasized for the necessary measures to salvage the damage.

MR.OMIM MANICSHAW DEBARA, General Secretary, FBH presented the Annual report. Many social representatives experts from various fields were attended the programme. Before conclusion of the programme, curry leaf plants were distributed the guests by the senior members of the FORUM and by the associated members.
The programme was ended with thanks.

Releasing the Annaul Number of FORUM
Sri.Rao V Chelikani is giving Curry leaf plant to the Chief Guest
5th June, 2011

Forum for a Better Hyderabad has celebrated WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY coinciding its 11th FORMATION DAY on 5th June, 2011 at 11A.M. at Administrative Staff Oollege of India, Somajiguda. Sri. M.Jagjadeeswar IAS, Managing Director, HMWS&SB was the Guest of Honour and has released the Annual Number of FBH, which depicts 11 years of activism of FBH. Smt.Karuna Gopal , President, Foundation for Futuristic Cities, Hyderabad area was the Guest Speaker.

The Programme began with welcome song by Oxford Grammar School students on Environment to make the participants realize the responsibilities of every human being to safe environment.

In his Welcome address, Sri M. Vedakumar, President, FBH explained the activities of FBH often jointly with likeminded Civil Society Groups to focus attention of Government Departments such as HMDA, GHMC, HMWS&SB, PCB, etc. The problems related to heritage, pollution, greenery, water bodies and so on are being pursued with the departments. He wanted the departments to be transparent, to take FBH into confidence, and to extend co-operation to find solution to various problems, instead of adopting other methods such as approaching courts. Sri. O.M.Debara, General Secretary presented the report of FBH for the year 2010-11 by elaborating on specific programs taken up by FBH on various issues.

Sri. M. Jagjadeeswar interacted with the participants including different NGOs working on various issues and gave extensive clarifications related to the problems of drainage and water supply. He emphasized that to tackle such problems, involvement of NGOs and local people were essential to control. Example: illegal pumping of drinking water which is leading to low pressure in other areas. Similarly, he disclosed majors steps which are being taken to solve drainage problems.

Smt. Karuna Gopal praised, FBH for its multiple roles since it’s inception. She suggested that the Forum to initiate and enhance partnerships between private sector and Govt. agencies, which will help to find solutions to many problems related to better environment and better livelihood. She emphasized that utmost importance should be given to the health of city which has three ingredients. Viz.,
i) Vision ii)Stake holders engagement to execute Govt. programmes iii) Government must adopt innovations for rapid development.

The programmme came to an end with the distribution of curry leaf plants to the dignitaries and senior members of associated NGOs

L to R : Smt. Kulsum Reddy, Sri. M.Jagadeeshwar,IAS., Sri.M.Veda Kumar,Smt. Karuna Gopal, Sri. O.M.Debara
Release of Annual number: L to R ; Smt. Kulsum Reddy, Sri. M.Jagadeeshwar,IAS,
Sri.M.Veda kumar,Smt. Karuna Gopal , Sri. O.M.Debara
Welcome Address by Sri M.Veda Kumar
L to R ; Smt. Kulsum Reddy, Sri. M.Jagadeeshwar,IAS., Smt. Karuna Gopal an Sri. O.M.Debara
A section of audience
Smt.Karuna Gopal addressing the audience
Sri.M.Jagadeeshwar,IAS., addressing the audience
28th September 2010

Sri.M.Vedakumar presided the programme. Sri.Anand Raj Varma, Academician moderated the session. Mohd.Afzal, PUCAAR gave vote of thanks.

Other participants:
Dr.M.Mandal, FORUM,, Sri.O.M.Debara, FORUM, Smt.Sanghamitra Malik, FORUM, Smt.Kulsum Reddy, Apna Vatan, Mr.Rasheed Mohd.Ahmed, PUCAAR, Mohd.Turab, COVA, M.Shafi Moztar, Dance Director, Mr.Anwar Khan, AV college, Sri.S.Srinvias Reddy, APSA, Smt.Usha Turaga, Turaga Foundation, Sri.Pitta Srisailam, Muchukunda Foundation, Mr.Nanak Singh Nistar, Brother Vargheese, CHATRI, Mr.Loicdebettmme, Research Scholar.

200 people and 35 organisations have participated

Speech delivered by Shri M. Vedakumar, President, Forum for a Better Hyderabad, at the meeting to remember the victims of the 1908 Musi Floods, held on 28th September at Osmania General Hospital under the historic Tamarind tree.


Exactly 102 years back, the devastating floods caused by the Musi river on 28th September 2010 changed the future history of Hyderabad. On just one day, 43.18 cm of rainfall was recorded. The floods damaged large parts of the city on an unprecedented scale, thousands of people died, lakhs of people were rendered homeless and devastated property worth crores of rupees. The raging waters receded only on the afternoon of the next day. Huge buildings were swept away due to the force of the waters. This Tamarind tree we are sitting under today, saved more than 150 human lives on that day.

The city of Hyderabad was established away from the Musi river by the Qutb Shahis. The city expansion was launched by the Asaf Jahis alongside the river. The city experienced floods regularly since then. During the reign of 6th Nizam, the floods of 1908 however changed the history of Hyderabad. The effect of the floods caused severe distress to the 6th Nizam and he passed away.

The 7th Nizam constituted the City Improvement Board in 1914 which began to rebuild Hyderabad in a systematic and planned manner. The High Court, State Central Library, City College and other institutions took shape under the plan. All these improvements had a uniform theme. They were built to resist floods. The new Hyderabad that was taking shape was a model of urban planning. Experts and architects from various parts of the country were invited for their advice on rebuilding Hyderabad. Like a Master Plan, roads, drainage lines, beautification works, shopping complexes, markets, bazaars were established. Street lights were set up along the roads. Houses were built in four categories, namely A, B, C and D. All this rebuilding and improvement works were designated the Osmania style of architecture. Significantly, these massive projects had important features like time, cost and completion deadlines

To call Mokshagandam Visweshwarayya as the Visionary Architect of Modern Hyderabad is not flattery at all. He called for the establishment of Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar as twin balancing reservoirs. These reservoirs fulfilled the drinking water needs for the citizens of Hyderabad and the irrigation requirements of the villages surrounding the lakes. He also gave suggestions for the improvement of the city sewerage system. The new system of sewers and storm water drains was planned in such a way that the flooding could be managed properly. Even at that time, there was a garland of lakes around the city to store the rain waters.

Sir Mokshagandam Visweshwarayya, Ali Nawaz Jung, Chandulal Dangoria among others were the contributors to rebuilding the glory of Hyderabad.

The Liberation of Hyderabad changed the situation significantly with due importance to modernisation. But the civic amenities took up increasing burdens steadily. Parks, open places, slum clearance projects, modern drinking water supply system, dust proof roads took shape. The living standards of the citizens improved significantly. However, the erstwhile spacious colonies turned into slums. Encroachments grew. Stop gap and temporary maintenance works were taken up. It became a business for the all, including the government. The city started getting affected by pollution. Lakes like Durgam Cheruvu, Hussain Sagar turned into dirty lakes with contamination. Even today, we are dependent on the sewerage system established by the Nizam. The storm water drains have become sewers. The hundreds of lakes established during the Kakatiya times have become a memory now.

In the current situation, as we remember the victims of the 1908 foods here today, we also remember our duty to preserve and protect our glorious heritage institutions of Hyderabad. We have this proud Tamarind tree, which saved the lives of 150 people.

The Forum for a Better Hyderabad, along with several social and civil organisations has decided to approach the Heritage Conservation Committee to notify this Tamarind Tree as a Heritage Structure. We also want the restoration of the Afzal Park in the premises of Osmania General Hospital.

Hyderabad is a historic city and belongs to all of us. It is our duty to pass on this heritage to future generations. We have to do a lot to ensure that the world famous glory of Hyderabad remains unblemished. We must preserve and protect our heritage structures. We must press the authorities to resolve problems like traffic, encroachment of lakes.

It is gratifying to note that so many of us are gathered here today under this tamarind tree, which also highlights our determination to save it. I see that many historians, heritage conservation experts, architects, environmentalists, writers, artists, students and others, are gathered here at this meeting. I have a suggestion. Let us all meet together once a month at some place and discuss ways to protect and conserve the heritage of Hyderabad.. Let us work as pressure group on the government. Let us suggest solutions to the various issues faced by the citizens and take their assistance. Let us all pledge to protect, preserve and work to enrich the Heritage, culture and values of Hyderabad.

I desire that the glorious Heritage of Hyderabad shine for all time.


The World Environment Day was celebrated coinciding the Forum For A Better Hyderabad (FORUM) amidst the guests from different walks of life at Administrative Staff College of India(ASCI), Somajiguda at 11.A.M today. Dr.S.K.Rao, Director General, ASCI was the Chief Guest and released the Annual Number of the FORUM which showcased its initiatives on various issues, Major Gen. Dr.B.Nagarajan,IISM, Addl. Surveyor General, Survey of India and Ms.Amita Desai, Executive Director, Goethe – Zentrum who were the guests of honour at the function. The programme was presided over by Mr.M.Vedakumar, President, Forum For A Better Hyderabad.

The celebrations unveiled with the welcome song on Environment by a group of school children followed by welcome address by Dr.M.Mandal which heralded the activities and programmes of the Forum on greenery, water bodies, pollution, heritage etc., He expressed concern over fast disappearance of greenery, water bodies and violation of WALTA and Building Penalization Scheme, of course this has been reduced to some extent with appropriate intervention and coordination by the Forum with the concerned Government Departments. This was followed by the presentation of a detailed report of the activities of the Forum by the Gen. Secretary O.M.Debara.

Dr.S.K.Rao has specifically mentioned that isolated initiatives will not yield positive results, united efforts will be more effective and result oriented. He said that he is pleased to join the Environment Day celebrations, which is the prime concern of the day. He expressed anguish over disrupted transport facilities, reduction of water bodies from 932 to 500 and occupation of 3rd place by Andhra Pradesh in highly polluted States of India.

Ms.Amita Desai has congratulated the Forum’s ten years of activism and service. The attitude of oneness is probably the requirement of the present time to tackle the Environmental problems. In the process of modernizations we might loose the original status of the city in terms of heritage, green coverage, water bodies, etc., The concrete jungle is being encouraged instead of protecting the Flora and Fauna. She urged the participants to associate with Forum in its efforts for better Environment.

Major.Gen.Dr.B.Nagarajan, while speaking on the occasion said that the collective efforts of every citizen of Hyderabad will bring back the old glory and the city may have sufficient rain like yester years to ensure a better Environment. He emphasized the usage of other bags than plastic bags which is followed by his total team of staff either in the office premises or in their quarters. The devastating activities of man kind is causing great harm in respect to the greenery and heritage etc., One has to think as to what we are leaving to our future generation.

Mr.M.Vedakumar said that Hyderabad is a blend of multi cultural and heritage city, the Urban, water bodies and green cover issues are being addressed with the concerned Government Departments effectively with the support of NGOs. He expressed great concern over preparation of Master Plan without preparing regional plan which acts as a base plan for the Master Plan. So far about 6 master plans have been prepared in isolation without seeking the objections/suggestions by the concerned individuals and NGOs. The Forum is available to provide valuable suggestions for incorporation in the Master Plan by conducting a brain storming session with the NGOs. The Forum succeeded in persuading the Forest Department to form a tree protection committee with NGOs and Department officials which brought down tree cutting considerably. He further said that the Forum’s aims and objectives have prime priority to contribute the best to save the Environment.

There was an interactive session for 30 min followed by distribution of curry leaf plants to the dignitaries by the senior members of the Forum.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Sri.M.H.Rao, a senior member of the Forum.

A function at Administrative Staff College. Organized by FORUM FOR A BETTER HYDERABAD on the occasion of world Environmental Day and also 9th Formation Day of FORUM FOR A BETTER HYDERABAD. Mr .Lyngdoh the Ex Chief Election Commissioner who was the Chief Guest said that in the present society the development has become the driving force and he also felt that FORUM FOR A BETTER HYDERABAD is one of the organization working for maintaining the glory structural beauty of the city as it is continuously and gradually loosing. Talking on the occasion Mr.K.Madhusudan Rao the Member Secretary, Pollution Control Board said that urbanization and industrialization are causing harm to Environment. He also felt that due to increase of industries and production the rate of Pollution increased which caused problems on basic facilities like water electricity and drainage and it also increased the levels of wastage so there is very much need for finding out a solution by using technical and scientific methods.
Speaking on the occasion Mr.Jawahar Reddy Commissioner HMDA he invited the suggestions of the public in developing the greenery in the cities. He felt that the change in the Environment has become the most prominent problem of the present time. Mrs.C.S.Ramalakshmi Addl Forest Conservator spoke on the occasion and said that planting and protection of the trees which are the miniature works leads to the permanent solution in maintaining greenery. Change in the life style causing harm not only to the health and to also environment. She felt that the role of women is major.

Mrs .Sheela Prasad Professor of Central University said that there is need for conducting Ecological audit and need to give environmental credit as carbon credits are given. She felt that there is a very much need for increase the renewable resources.

Mr .M.Vedakumar President FORUM FOR A BETTER HYDERABAD speaking on the occasion said that due to widening of the city pressure on basic facilities are increasing and also many exceptions and exclusions were in Existence. He felt that there must involvement of Public with the Govt before the settlement of plans and decisions. He felt that there is very much need in protecting archeological historical and Heritage buildings quoting the example of ‘G’ Block in the Secretariat. He felt that by solving the problems comcerned to the Musi River .many related problems can be easily solved. He said that many organizations are not caring for the reports given by the experts. On the occasion he felt happy for the work done by FORUM FOR A BETTER HYDERABAD for it’s efforts to arrest cutting of the trees.

Mr.Omim Manicshaw Debara Secretary for FORUM FOR A BETTER HYDERABAD presented the Annual report. Many social representatives experts from various fields.
Release of Annual Number of the Forum:
From Left to right: Mr.O.M.Debara, Mrs.Sheela Prasad, Mr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, Mr.J.M.Lyngdoh, Mr.K.Madhusudhan Rao, Mr.M.Vedakumar, Mr.R.K.Sinha, and Mrs.Sanghamitra Malik,
Mr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy is addressing the audience
From Left to right: Mr.O.M.Debara, Mrs.Sheela Prasad, Mr.J.M.Lyngdoh, Mr.K.Madhusudhan Rao, Mr.M.Vedakumar,
Mrs.Sheela Prasad is addressing the audience
From Left to right: Mr.O.M.Debara, Mr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, Mr.J.M.Lyngdoh, Mr.K.Madhusudhan Rao, Mr.M.Vedakumar,
Mrs.C.S.Ramalakshmi is addressing the audience
From Left to right: Mr.O.M.Debara, Mr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, Mr.J.M.Lyngdoh, Mr.K.Madhusudhan Rao, Mr.M.Vedakumar,
Chief Guests on the dias:
From Left to right: Mr.O.M.Debara, Mrs.Sheela Prasad, Mr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, Mr.J.M.Lyngdoh, Mr.K.Madhusudhan Rao, Mrs.C.S.Ramalakshmi and Mr.M.Vedakumar,
Mr.Lyngdoh is addressing the audience
From Left to right: Mrs.Sheela Prasad, Mr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, Mr.K.Madhusudhan Rao, Mrs.C.S.Ramalakshmi and Mr.M.Vedakumar,
Mr.M.Vedakumar is addressing the audience
From Left to right: Mr.O.M.Debara, Mrs.Sheela Prasad, Mr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, Mr.Lyngdoh,,Mr.K.Madhusudhan Rao, Mrs.C.S.Ramalakshmi and Mrs.Sanghamitra Malik
Distribution of plants by the Commissioner, HMDA
Mr.K.Madhusudhan Rao is addressing the audience
From Left to right: Mrs.Sheela Prasad, Mr.Lyngdoh,, Mr.M.Vedakumar and Mr.O.M.Debara
Forum is playing a key role to bring awareness of ECO-FRIENDLY, Small Ganeshas since 5 years in association with PCB.

A work shop was organized by the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board and FBH for the Ganesha festival in Hyderabad to create awareness on using clay while making Ganesha idols. The work shop was held at Indira Priyadarshini Auditorium, Public Gardens from 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. on 8th August, 2008. Sri.Naveen Mitthal, IAS., the Collector, Hyderabad district was the Chief Guest. The participants are local artisans, school children, NGOs and representatives from Civil Society groups associated with the Forum
Date: 5.6.2008
World Environment Day & 8th Formation Day Celebrations by
Forum for a Better Hyderabad
Forum for a Better Hyderabad (FBH) celebrated its 8th formation day coinciding with the World Environment day at 11 a.m. today at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Somajiguda. The programme was presided over by B.P.R.Vittal, IAS (Retd.,) Former Chief Secretary, Government of A.P., Dr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, I.A.S., Vice Chairman, HUDA was the chief guest and he released the Annual Number (Souvenir) of the Forum. The other distinguished guests Sri.Rajeswar Tiwari, Member Secretary, APPCB and Sri.C.Shiv Shankar Reddy graced the occasion.

The chief guest Dr.K.S.Jawahar Reddy, I.A.S in his opening speech stated that it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to strive for a pollution free environment. He is of the opine that there should be many such organizations like Forum For A Better Hyderabad to bring awareness for environmental protection in co-operating with Government organizations

Sri.B.P.R.Vittal, IAS., (retd.,) expressed that people should grow trees to have pleasant atmosphere and to reduce the pollution by quoting his own interest in growing trees at his residence.

Sri.Rajeshar Tiwari, IAS., Member Secretary, A.P.P.C.B impressed by the Forum’s activities said that, on this day of celebrating World Environment Day, it is a great concern for every one to control the pollution in the environment. He also told that they organized a rally with 700 students to bring awareness. He also expressed his dissatisfaction that many industries cause a lot of pollution violating the rules causing health hazards in their vicinity. Finally he gave few useful tips to protect environment.

Sri.Shivashankar Reddy, IFS., expressed his satisfaction that people of Andhra Pradesh got the awareness as a result of many programmes carried out by MCH, HUDA, Water Board etc., in co-operation with Forum For A Better Hyderabad.

Sri.M.Vedakumar, President, FORUM addressed the audience that so much development has taken place in Hyderabad now a days and it has been recognized as a great Heritage Centre. More than 50 organisations rendering their co-operation to the FORUM and Forum is successful in implementing the activities.

Dr.V.K.Bawa, IAS., (Retd.,) Sri.K.Rajamani, IAS.,(Retd.,), environmentalist, Mr.O.M.Debara, General Secretary, FBH, Dr.C.Ramachandraiah, Member, Forum, Dr. Rao V.B.J. Chelikani, Treasurer FBH, Sri.Jeevan Kumar and Sri.Ashwaq from CHATRI, Mrs.Sangamitra Malik, Joint Secretary, FBH, Smt.C.Kulsum Reddy, Smt. Frauke Quader, Smt.Jasveen Jairath and other members of FBH were present at the celebrations.

The meet concluded by giving away the curry leaf plants to all on the dais, on the eve of world environment day. The vote of thanks was given by Sri.M.Mandal, Member, F.B.H.

L to R Sri M.Vedakumar, Dr.K.S.Javahar Reddy, Sri B.P.R.Vittal, Sri Rajewar Tiwari, Sri.Shivashankar Reddy
Sri B.P.R Vittal IAS Retd, formal cheif Secratary is Addressing
Sri K.S.Javahar Reddy IAS, VC, HUDA is Addressing
Sri Rajeswar Tiwari IAS, Member Secratary, PCB is Addressing the Paticipants
Sri Shiva Shankar Reddy cheif conservator of Forest is Addressing
Mr B.P.R Vittal is Reciving curry leaf plant from Capit Manohar Sharma
the 8th Annual Number of the FORUM was released by Dr.K.S. Javahar Reddy
World Environment Day & 7th Formation Day Celebrations
Forum for a Better Hyderabad
On 5th June 2007 At administrative staff college of India
Forum for a Better Hyderabad (FBH) has celebrated its 7th formation day coinciding with the World Environment day at 9.30am today at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI). The honorable chief secretary to Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Mr.J.Hari Narayana, I.A.S., was the chief guest and he released the Annual Number (Souvenir) of the Forum.

The chief guest Mr.Hari Narayana made a very valuable opening remark stating that this Forum gave voice to voiceless, and sight to sightless. He also added that we should not be like Alice in wonder land not knowing what to do and where to go instead we need to know where we are today, where we need to go from here? Keeping pace with the rapid changes in the city. Lastly he strongly condemned Air travel. As it creates disturbances up in the air needs large landing space.

Er.Vedakumar.M,President FBH in his welcome address said that the main focus of the Forum will be advocacy for sustainable development by highlighting the ecological and economics impacts of environmental problems likely to be created by the developmental activities undertaken without proper appraisal and assessment. Otherwise, there is every danger of passing on the environmental problems to others, to elsewhere and to the future generations in the name of rapid development.

Dr.V.K.Bawa,I.A.S,(Retd), in presidential remark expressed his concern on the global warming and its implication on living creatures.

Mr.CVSK.Sharma,I.A.S., Spl.Officer & Commissioner GHMC expressed his concern on drainage systems and said that thousands of families are yet living their lives as though they are a part of the seventeenth century. He said its easy to shift the responsibilities and blame one another, instead lets all try to identify simple, practicle solutions by joining hands and working together. He was happy to see the senior citizens taking interest in such matters. He urged them to be more active and keep others aware.

Mr.O.M.Debara, General Secretary, FBH,Mr.B.B.j.Rao Chelikani, Treasurer FBH, Mrs.Sangamitra Malik, Joint Secretary,FBH and other members of FBH were present at the celebrations.
The meet concluded by giving away the curry leaf plants to all on the dais, on the eve of world environment day. The vote of thanks was given by Mr.M.H.Rao, vice president, F.B.H.


Forum For A Better Hyderabad observed the World Environment Day to coincite with 6 th Formation Day from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on 5 th June, 2006 at Seminar Hall, School of Planning & Architecture, JNTU, Masab Tank. Sri.C.D.Arha, IAS., the Chief Information Commissioner, (Right to Information Act-RIA) was the Chief Guest. He also released the Annual Number of Forum For A better Hyderabad. The programme was presided over by Capt.J.Rama Rao, Founder Chairman of the Forum, Sri.Rajeshwar Tiwari, IAS., Member Secretary, A.P. Pollution Control Board and Sri.Sanjay Jaju, IAS., Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad were the Guests of Honour.

At the out set Sri.C.D.Arha, IAS., Chief Information Commisioner, (Right to Information Act) congratulated the Forum members for celebrating its 6 th Anniversary. He elaborated the importance and the use of Right to Information Act. He advised the people to ascertain information on specific issues, which is required, instead of pouring questions for unrelated issues. The Right to Information Act is meant for transparency and efficient transactions related to public issues

Capt.J.Rama Rao, Founder Chairman in his presidential remarks said that the change in the attitude of the people and concern towards environment will provide positive results in our movement. The print and electronic media must come forward with relevant information to bring further awareness in a common man

Mr.Rajeshwar Tiwari, IAS,, Member Secretary, A.P.P.C.B said that this year the Pollution Control Board instructed stringent action on them who violate the Rules and Regulations . At the same time his officials are trying to enlighten the people about the Pollution hazards and to take appropriate measures to avoid it. Further he said scientific process and sustainable development will yield good response. Natural resources such as Rain water, soil etc., have to be utilized judiciously

Sri.Sanjay Jaju, IAS., Commissioner, MCH said that Forum for A Better Hyderabad placed on major pressure groups and effectively fighting for the cause of environment since its inception which is appreciable. An inherited environment has to be provided in a better way to the future generations. He hopes Forum and other concerned organizations will lend a hand in this direction. He assured the representations made so far by Forum to MCH will be considered positively. He mentioned that advises and suggestions will be taken from Forum whenever the issues related to Road widening, environment are taken up

The programme began with the welcome address by Sri.M.Vedakumar, President, Forum For A Better Hyderabad. He emphasized the objectives of the Forum are to be proactive and constructive, to mobilize public opinion and to speak in one voice on major issues where there is lack of transparency or neglect of environmental consideration in decision making

Dr.S.Jeevananda Reddy, General Secretary, FBH presented the Annual report which depicted the activities and programmes under taken and representations made to the concerned Government Departments.

The programme was concluded with Vote of thanks proposed by Sri.M.H.Rao, Vice President of Forum.

Release of 6 th Annual number of FBH by Sri.C.D.Arha, IAS., Chief Information Commissioner (Right to Information Act-RIA)
From left to right: Er..M.Vedakumar, Sri.Sanjay Jaju, Sri.C.D.Arha,
Capt.J.Rama Rao, Sri.Rajeshwar Tiwari, Dr.S.Jeevananda Reddy

Sri.C.D.Arha addressing members.
From left to right: Er.M.Vedakumar, Sri.Sanjay Jaju, Capt.J.Rama Rao, Sri.Rajeshwar Tiwari, Dr.S.Jeevananda Reddy

Smt.Kulsum Reddy presenting a �Tulasi� plant to Sri.C.D.Arha.
Er..M.Vedakumar and Sri.Sanjay Jaju looks on

Sri.V.B.J.Chelikani Rao, Dr.V.K.Bawa , Dr.R.S.Rao and M.H.Rao at the meeting.


Environment Day Celebration

Forum for a better Hyderabad celebrated its 5th formation day to coincide with world environment day on 5th June 2005 at 10:30 A.M at Administrative staff college of India, Hyderabad. Sri Rajeswar Tiwari IAS member secretary APPCB was the chief guest, captain J.Rama Rao presided over the function. The programme began with welcome address by     Sri M.Veda Kumar, President forum for a better Hyderabad. While welcoming the dignitaries, he said forum for a better Hyderabad surging ahead in its cause to bring awareness amongst the citizen about air and water pollution and the importance of conservation of heritage monuments and precincts. This cause is being supported by the others NGO's, concerned government departments, Environmental and heritage activists. As of now, the awareness is created to some extent and efforts are on for furtherance in the whole state of Andhra Pradesh, particularly in twin cities.
The chief guest, Sri. Rajeswar Tiwari explained in detail about air pollution caused by private, commercial and government vehicles and briefed up about the measures to control it by enforcing various acts laid down for the purpose. The air pollution is the main cause of health problems even in young and middle aged people which can be controlled by proper maintains of vehicles and by usage of approved fuel, he said. Further he suggested, for the usage of public transport system to avoid emanation of smoke form more number of vehicles being used by every individual.
Captain J.Rama Rao stressed upon the need to bring awareness of environment and to enhance political attention, action and compliment. To empower the people to become active agent of sustainable and equal equitable development. Again views of the people are ignored and the development that is taken in neither sustainable nor equitable.
The program began with welcome address by     Sri M.Veda Kumar, President forum for a better Hyderabad. While welcoming the dignitaries, he said forum for a better Hyderabad surging ahead in its cause to bring awareness amongst the citizen about air and water pollution and the importance of conservation of heritage monuments and precincts. This cause is being supported by the others NGO's, concerned government departments, Environmental and heritage activists. As of now, the awareness is created to some extent and efforts are on for furtherance in the whole state of Andhra Pradesh, particularly in twin cities.
A souvenir depicting the programmes of FBH on 5th formation day to coincide with the world environment day was released by Sri. Rajeswar Tiwari.

The report on activities of forums for a better Hyderabad and heritage cell was read out by Dr. S.J. Reddy, G. secretary of FBH

As a gesture, saplings of curry leaves ware presented to the dignitaries by sri C.Sarvottam Rao, treasurer of FBH

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Sri M H Rao, vice president of FBH.


World Environmental Day � 2004
Administrative Staff College of India [ASCI], Rajbhavan Road
on 5th June 2004 at 11.00 am

Forum For A Better Hyderabad was formed when some of the non-government organizations and citizens, concerned about environmental and developmental issues in and around Hyderabad city, come together in June 2000. The main Focus of the Forum is on advocacy of sustainable development, by highlighting the economic and ecological impacts of environmental problems likely to be created by the developmental activities being undertaken without proper appraisal and assessment.
On the occasion of completing the 4-years of service to society in this pursuit, the Forum is celebrating its' 4th Formation Day to coincide with World Environmental Day 2004.  On this occasion Forum is also releasing the Annual Number Sri. Mohan Kanda, IAS [Chief Secretary, Govt. of AP] will be the Chief Guest, Sri. R. Rajamani, IAS (Retd.) [Former Secretary MoEF/GOI] will preside over, Capt J. Rama Rao, Sri. T. Chatterjee, IAS [Principal Secretary, MoEF, AP], and Sri. R.M.Gonela, IAS [Member Secretary, APPCB] will attend the programme.(VEDA KUMAR.M) President Forum For A Better Hyderabad.
World Environment Day at ASCI
Hyderabad on 5.6.2004. Sri.M.Veda Kumar, President, Forum For A Better Hyderabad introduced the forum to the audience and invited Sri.Rajamani to preside the programme.
Sri.Rajamani Retd.,IAS Presided over this programme. Sri.T.Chatterjee, Principal Secretary, MoEF, GoAP released the Annual Number. Sri.R.M.Gonela, Member Secretary, APPCB Delivery key note address. Captain J.Rama Rao, Founder Chairman, FBH Briefed the activities of Forum For A Better Hydearabad. Sri.M.H.Rao, Vice-President, FBH occupied their respective seats on the Dais. Sri.J.Rama Rao, announced the day for SWOT analysis of FBH's performance in the last year.  He pondered and reflected about crucial issues to be address, viz., SWM, waste water treatment integrated tourism development, vehicular pollution, conservation of heritage structure and natural resources.  He invited distinguished speakers to share their views in order to help FBH refine their, course of action by joining hands.
Power Point Presentation about FBH's website: by Mr.Santhosh Kumar, Diverse facets, Components, issues, initiations and such other attributes were explained in a sequence of slides. Sri.Rajamani, requested Sri.Chatterjee to release FBH's Annual Number 2003-2004.  Subsequently copies were distributed to the participants.
Following Sri.Rajamani's Invitation, Sri.Chatterjee spoke about, National Green Corps and involvement of children in monitoring and reporting perceptible disharmonies such as tree cutting, heavy smoking automobiles, vandalism towards heritage structure etc.
Cited unsustainable developmental projects such as autonagar, Golf course at Golconda, dump site redamation at Nellore as examples requiring involvement and reactionary approach of NGOs rather than proactive.  Whereby such resistance shall create awareness and thenceforth turned into a pro-active one.
He also mentioned the immediate need of NGO's equipping themselves and acting for implementation of 73rd and 74th CAA, which shall provide a better decentralized platform to perform from.
He wished the Forum to expand itself in near to become Forum For  A Better Andhra Pradesh Sri.R.M.Gonela, read through a series of FACTS to KNOW.  He then explained about SADA (Shore Area Development Authority,) Aquaculture authority fore coastal regions and regulations and G.O.s pertaining to plastics use.  He also sought involvement of NGOs in various workshops, taskforces and surveillance activities of APPCB to develop better co-ordiantion and dialogue amongst governmental and non-governmental organizations. Sri.Rajamani, reflected that balance equilibrium of culture and heritage in a society along is capable of alleviating disharmonies in all developmental projects.  He invited all the participants and public at large to join hands in FBH's just culture heritage and conservation programmes. Sri.Veda Kumar presented tree saplings to all the speakers as a token of friendship.  He reciprocated to the with of Mr.Chatterjee to expand the activities of FBH throughout Andhra Pradesh. Sri.M.H.Rao, concluded the meeting by thanking all the participants. Prepared by GEO (GOOD EARTH OFFICE) for FBH.

Forum's 2nd Anniversary Function
On completion of two years the Forum For A Better Hyderabad held a function to mark the occasion under the slogan Two Years of Activism and Service. A well-attended public meeting was organised on October 2nd 2002 at the Institution of Engineers, Khiratabad in Hyderabad. Though the Forum completed 2 years in June 2002, it was decided to organise the Annual Day function on October 2nd to coincide with Mahatma Gandhi's Birth Day.
Capt. J. Rama Rao, Chairman of the Forum, presided over the function and gave introductory remarks about the circumstances that led to the origin of the Forum and the tasks ahead. Dr. C. Ramachandraiah, Coordinator, made a PowerPoint presentation of the activities of the Forum in the last one year and the impact it has made in raising awareness and also in the decision making.
The keynote address was given by Mr. Rajiv Sharma, Member Secretary, A.P. Pollution Control Board. He said that the lack of inter-departmental coordination among government agencies is one of the main reasons for not effectively implementing pollution control measures. He said there is a lot of awareness and improvement now because of judicial activism and environmental groups etc.
The chief guest, Dr E.A.S. Sarma, IAS (Retd.), Principal of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), released the 2nd Annual, a modest publication with a few articles covering several aspects of environment, urban planning etc. in general and Hyderabad in particular. He said that Hyderabad is fortunate to have citizen groups like the Forum to play an active role in the society. The Forum should look at the problems of the poor, who constitute about one-third of the city's population. Unfortunately the public transport is taxed higher than private transport in Andhra Pradesh, which is resulting in more private than public vehicles on roads leading to higher vehicular pollution, he said.

Instead of the usual bouquets, neem and cycus saplings, along with some vermin-compost manure, were presented to the chief guest and the keynote speaker. The Forum has made it a tradition from the 1st Anniversary function itself.
After the meeting, an impressive magic show was performed that sent the audience into laughter. A play was performed by the boys of Jubilee Hills Civic Exnora on environmental degradation and use of plastics. The children from Nasr School, under the leadership of Ms. Sheeba, narrated some interesting points about air and water pollution. Dr V. K. Bawa, Prof. M.V. Naidu, Ms. Indira Lingam, Ms. Sanghamitra Malik etc, also spoke in the meeting. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Vedakumar. top
A Round Table Conference On Polls - Recent Trends in Democracy
The two-phase elections are over in the state. Though we have to wait till 11 May for results, the intervening period can be used to debate certain issues thrown up by the elections and the electoral process.
What are these issues Representatives of major political parties at Hyderabad, several NGOs, social activists and intellectuals gathered to debate in a conference organized by The Forum For A Better Hyderabad  on 5th May from 9.30 a.m. to  1 p.m. at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Somajiguda.
Shri B.P.R. Vithal, Former Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh presided. Organisations Anveshi
2.Apna Watan  
3.AP Union of Working Journalist's Association
5.Children's Educational Academy  
6.Citizen's Welfare Association
7.Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace
8.Coalition for Peace and Harmony
10.Deccan Development Society
11.Federation of AP Senior Citizen's Organisation
12.Forum For a Better Hyderabad
13.Help Hyderabad
14.Hum Sab Hindustani Trust
15.International Foundation for Human Development
16.Jana Vignana Vedhika
17.Jubilee Hills Civic Exnora
18.Kaloji Foundation
19.Lok Satta
20.Movement against Uranium Project
21.Movement for Sustainable Development
22.National Trust for Tribal Self Rule
23.Nature Lovers and Adventure Society of India
25.Reader's and Writer's Society, Hyderabad 26.Retired Forest Officer's Association, A.P. Chapter
30.Society to Save Rocks
31.Tarnaka Residents Welfare Associations
32.Telangana Information Trust
34.United Economic Front
35.Youth Hostels Association of India
Dr. M. Mandal, Trustee, Forum For Better Hyderabad is welcoming the participants. From L to R.. Mr. Vedakumar. M., Mr. Potturi Venkateswara Rao, Mr. B.P.R. Vittal, Mr. Rajendra Prasad   Mr. Purushottam Rao and Sri Veerabhadra Rao, Congress M.L.A., and other participants.
The Round Table Conference was organized by Forum For a Better Hyderabad at Administrative Staff College of India(ASCI), Somajiguda on 5th May 2004 from 9.30 A.M. to 2.00 P.M. Mr. M.Veda Kumar, President, Forum welcomed the gathering and introduced the guests. The conference was chaired by Mr. B.P.R. Vittal, Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Potturi Venkateswara Rao, Former Chairman, Press Academy and Mr. Rajendra Prasad, Former Deputy Editor, The Hindu are the guests of the function.
Shri Purushotham Rao represented by Congress, Shri Nayani Narsimha Reddy represented the T.R.S., Shri Madhu & Shri Tammineni Veerabhadram represented by C.P.I. (M). In all representatives from 37 different organizations participated in the conference. Most of them were given time to express their views on the �Polls � Recent Trends in Democracy�. The issues covered in wide in range. They include large scale flow of money and liquor; role of black money and corruption; electronic voting machines; missing of names from voters list; role of caste and religion etc.
One of the important issue raised was unduly long time for electoral process and consequently the impact of exit polls on voters mind. It was generally felt that money power played very bad role in this process disturbing trends were noted in media/T.V. that significantly affected the electoral process. Though the rigging was minimized with the electronic voting, the process of electoral list preparation created deletion of substantial voters from their right to vote. In this, members suggested this must be continuous process so that people can check.
Members also expressed displeasure on the way pre-election switch over of parties by candidates; unprecedented display of dissent and violence by the ticket denied candidates. In the process, members felt that people's problems occupied last seat. The members felt that such a round table conferences play an important role before the elections particularly related to peoples problems, regional problems, state problems and priorities by the coming governments.
A lecture was held in School of Planning and Architecture, JNTU Seminar Hall on 18.5.2004 at 6.30 p.m.
Good Earth Office (GEO) a Non-Governmental Organisation consists of young professionals with backgrounds of Landscape planning, Architectural conservation, Environmental Planning jointly with Forum For A Better Hyderabad have organized the lecture.
The lecture stated with a brief by the President of GEO Sri.G.S.V Suryanarayana Murthy about the context of the lecture. Sri.M.Veda Kumar, President, Forum For A Better Hyderabad has briefed about the purpose of the lecture and informed about the efforts of Forum For A Better Hyderabad on the matters of Heritage and Environmental awareness. Sri.Kishore Chunduru, Ex-Officio Secretary of GEO introduced Prof.Pabhakar B. Bhagwat and invited him to present lecture.  Prof.Prabhakar B.Bhagwat who is the first landscape Architect in India mainly spoke on school of thought that is inculcated in Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology  (CEPT) Ahmedabad to the students of Landscape Planning.  He explained about some of the students projects relating to Hampi, Karnataka, Agriculture, Revitalization of a Mining Area with forestation and aquaculture.  The lecture was supported by members of GEO, who were former students of CEPT, Ahmedabad.  The lecture was attended by Envioment Architects of Hyderabad, Landscape Architects, Members of INTACH, Members of Forum For A Better Hyderabad, Faculty from Architect colleges in Hyderabad.
Prof. Bhagwat has addressed some of the issues relating to agriculture, forest management, horticulture, traditional knowledge systems of plants, legal aspects of Environment and Administration, where the participants have raised questions. 
Sri.M.Veda Kumar, President of Forum For A Better Hyderabad has concluded the programme by announcing the action plan of GEO and Forum For A Better Hyderabad towards Environmental Planning efforts in Andhra Pradesh.
To begin with, the Forum took up with the State Government the development of Mega Tourism Projects around Hussainsagar, the need for a holistic development plan for Musi River instead of the Nandanavanam Project, the erection of Sports Stadia on the Gymkhana and Bison Polo Grounds and location of LNG Terminal on Hope Island near Kakinada.
While the proposals for building a stadium on the Gymkhana and Bison Polo Grounds and location of LNG Terminal on Hope Island have been withdrawn, the developments around Hussainsagar and on the Musi River front remained a matter of concern. The works undertaken as part of Nandanavanam project at enormous cost were either damaged or washed away during the floods in August 2000 and the project is at present in suspended animation. But the filling up of Musi riverbed and discharge into the river of untreated and partly treated industrial effluents and domestic sewage is continuing unchecked. In addition, the authorities are contemplating to discharge industrial effluents of Pattancheru into municipal sewers, which ultimately find their way into Musi. This issue needs to be pursued vigorously to prevent pollution and to achieve holistic development of Musi.
To save Osman and Himayatsagars
The Forum approached the A.P. High Court demanding the shifting of the proposed International Airport from within the 10-km catchment area of the two most important drinking water bodies of Hyderabad. On April 1, 2003 a Division Bench of the A.P. High Court declared that the runway, terminal building and facilities for landing and take off at the proposed international airport at Shamshabad should not be situated within 10 km of the Himayatsagar Lake. For more details, go to News.
On Rock Garden
After failing to get positive response from the A.P. Pollution Control Board (APPCB), the Forum approached the A.P. High Court through a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to save Hussainsagar and oppose the so-called Rock Garden project. This project has been violating all the rules. For more details, go to News.
HUDA Master Plan 2020
Together with the Department of Political Science, Nizam College, the Forum organised a workshop on 7th March 03 on HUDA Master Plan 2020. About 27 people belonging to several organisations (like CHATRI, Sannihita etc.) participated and gave their comments. V.K. Bawa, Seela Prasad, S. Jeevananda Reddy, C. Ramachandraiah, G. Krishna Reddy, Sister Lissey Joseph, Usha, C. Sarvotham Rao etc., spoke. A summary of the recommendations was submitted to HUDA.
World Water Day.
Together with the Deccan Development Society (DDS), the Forum organised the WWD on March 22nd 2003 at the ASCI, Hyderabad.
World Earth Day.
Forum member Mr. Kamal Naidu, gave a keynote speech on the occasion (April 22nd) at the Institution of Engineers. Capt. J. Rama Rao, Forum's Chairman, presided over the meeting. At another meeting organised by the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Forum member, R. Rajamani, was the main speaker. Capt. J. Rama Rao read out the Earth Day pledge in the meeting.
Asian Social Forum
Several members of the Forum For A Better Hyderabad participated actively in the Asian Social Forum held in Hyderabad during 2-7 January 2003. For more details on the ASF, see News.
Public hearing on Hyderabad International Airport
The Forum members participated in the public hearing conducted by the District Collector to solicit public opinion on the location of the Hyderabad International Airport (HIA). The Forum demanded the shifting of the HIA beyond the catchment area of (10 km limit) of the two most important drinking water sources, Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar. The G.O. Ms. 111 of 1996 and the Supreme Court judgment of December 2000 prohibit activities that cause pollution of the two water bodies. The Supreme Court applied 'Precautionary Principle' on this issue. However, the A.P. Pollution Control Board permitted the HIA. As there is a serious threat to the two water bodies, the Forum is contemplating to approach the judiciary for necessary directions.
Forum protests against Rock Garden project.
Members of the Forum For A Better Hyderabad protested against the continuing work of the Rock Garden (RG) project on Necklace Road of the Hussainsagar. The RG project is in violation of the judgment of the A.P. Court and HUDA notification on lakes. Despite this, the AP Pollution Control Board gave permission to RG with a lot of conditions. 

The Forum is contemplating to file a fresh petition in the Hon'ble High Court of A.P. against this project.

See the photo on the Home Page.
Scrap 'Rock Garden'
Respect High Court judgment on 15-06-2001.
We deplore to state that the State Government and the Tourism Department are systematically scuttling the spirit of the Hon'ble High Court's judgment (15-06-2001) on Hussainsagar in which it was stated that "no further permanent structures including those involving commercial activities may be allowed to be raised on or near the water spread or catchment area".

The view of the Forum has been that the mega tourism projects proposed around the lake would adversely affect the ecology of the lake and contribute to a rise in traffic congestion, and pollution levels. The concerned authorities are pushing through the tourism projects, one after another, by exerting pressure on the AP Pollution Control Board. 

One such latest instance is the Rock Garden. Some of the assurances given by the proponents of Rock Garden, and assured by the Secretary, Department of Tourism, to the AP Pollution Control Board are as follows: "Keeping in mind that the concept of Rock Garden is Eco-friendly, the material we propose to use will be 'biodegradable' like mud, terra cotta, wood, clay bricks, thatches and bamboo", and "All the large infrastructures will be erected with wooden poles and bamboo".

Despite the opposition to the setting up of Rock Garden at that site by the Consent For Establishment (CFE) committee of the PCB, the matter was placed in the special Board Meeting held on 06-02-2002 and a consent was granted vide letter dated 15-02-2002 subject to a number of conditions. One such condition is:

"All structures should be of bio-degradable materials like terra cotta, wood, clay thatch, bamboo etc. No polymers (LLDPE, LDPE or HDPE) material will be allowed inside the campus".

The letter further states that "If there is any violation of conditions stipulated by the Board, the occupier shall be prosecuted and the activity directed to be closed under Environmental Laws".

We have noticed concrete pillars being raised at the 'Rock Garden' site. By no stretch of imagination can one consider the structures coming up as biodegradable and eco-friendly.

With due respect to the High Court judgment, and in view of the serious violation of the assurances given by the proponents themselves and the conditions stipulated by the PCB, we demand the APPCB to forthwith cancel the permission given to the Rock Garden and get the ecology of the area restored

The Maya Bazar is another project that is coming up without permission from the APPCB in Indira Park near the lower tank bund road. 

We urge the APPCB to take a fresh look at the projects sanctioned and those in the pipeline around the Hussainsagar and thoroughly review them with due respect to the judgment of the Hon'ble High Court. We may be compelled to approach the courts of law for initiating contempt proceedings. We appeal to the concerned citizens and organisations in Hyderabad to pay serious attention to growing threat to the environment by such mega projects in the centre of the city.

Capt. J. Rama Rao, Chairman
Dr C. Ramachandraiah, Coordinator November 23, 2002.
Forum members visit Deer Park.
Several members of the Forum, along with their families, numbering about 45, have made a day long visit to the Deer Park located on the outskirts of Hyderabad city on 4th August 2002. They organised it more as a picnic cum visiting a natural area. There are about 400 deers in the Park, which is spread over 1000 acres.

Mr. Kamal Naidu, former Director of Delhi Zoo and chairman of WWF-A.P. Chapter, explained in detail about a king cobra biting him when he saved three lion cubs in the zoo about 15 years ago. The narration of his experience in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi (where his condition was deteriorating but kept waiting for nearly an hour by the doctors searching for anti-venom serum, which ultimately they did not find) and later his painful walk in that condition across the road to the Safdarjung Hospital where fortunately he was administered the anti-venom injection but by that did not prevent him from slipping into coma was listened to by the members with rapt attention. He recovered from coma later and it took almost three months for him to come out of the impact of king cobra's poison on his health. This incident created big news 15 years ago.

Capt. Rajiv Menon of the Friends of Snakes Society explained in detail about the fears and myths surrounding the snakes. He tried to impress that they are like any other creatures and, if handled carefully, will not harm anybody. He mentioned some of the precautions to be taken after a snakebite. He gave a live demonstration with poisonous snakes like cobra and russel's viper, along with others, on the characteristics of snakes. People in Hyderabad can contact tel.nos: 7112719, 7120687, 7863772 for assistance in catching snakes or for any other related information.

Forum members enjoyed the outing thoroughly.

Forum makes Proposals on Water Bodies and Vehicular Pollution
On the occasion of the World Environment Day (June 5) and later, in cooperation with A.P. Pollution Control Board (APPCB), the Forum has made several proposals for protection of water bodies and reducing vehicular pollution in the city. The Forum organised a seminar in Jubilee Hall, addressed a press meet together with the Member Secretary, APPCB, and also interacted with the Cabinet Subcommittee of the Government of A.P. in this regard, and participated in the Water Vision preparation process of the Water Conservation Mission of the government.
Confederation of RWAs
Forum For A Better Hyderabad, in cooperation with Exnora Forum For Green Hyderabad, organised a meeting of Resident Welfare Associations(RWAs) in Hyderabad. About 20 RWAs participated in the meeting. The main objective was to interact and cooperate with civic authorities on issues like payment of taxes, cleanliness, promotion of rainwater harvesting etc. At the same time the RWAs will also demand the authorities to implement building rules strictly.
Public Hearing Against Water Privatisation
A public hearing was organised on the above topic in Hyderabad recently. Forum participated in the public hearing and pleaded strongly against privatisation of water resources. It also demanded the water to remain as a public utility and ensure minimum level of drinking water supply to all citizens. A number of NGOs and individuals participated in the meeting. A five-member jury gave a ruling against privatisation of water. The jury further said that the cost of supplying drinking water in those areas affected by industrial pollution should be collected from the industries causing such pollution.
Save Nature Cure Hospital
The Forum has represented to the A.P. Pollution Control Board to see that Silent Zone is maintained within 100 metres around the Nature Cure Hospital in Balkampet. The proposed Balkampet station in the MRTS will sound a death knell to this 50-year old hospital. It will take away 2 acres of land of this hospital and the compound wall of the proposed station will come within 6-10 feet of the general patient ward and girls hostel. After hearing the views of the Forum, represented by Dr C. Ramachandraiah, and the South Central Railway authorities, the Pollution Control Board has objected to the construction of the new station in such a close proximity to the hospital. For more information on this subject, see News/Home Page on this website.
Release of Annual Number
On completion of one year, it was earlier decided to bring out an Annual Number with articles on various topics concerning the city. The Annual Number was released on on 18th October in a well-attended function at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) by Prof. V. Rama Rao, Vice Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad. A brief recollection was made about the activities of the past one year and the issues to be taken up for future. The VC also dwelt at length on the need for proper planning of cities to absorb future growth. Presentation of a banyan sapling to the chief guest and the description of its importance in the ecosystem by Mr. C. Sarvotham Rao was well appreciated by the gathering. Capt. J. Rama Rao presided over the function and Dr C. Ramachandraiah proposed vote of thanks.
Noise Pollution
On noise pollution, essay writing and elocution competitions were conducted in several schools in the second half of October. On November 1, there was a gathering of about hundred students from several schools at Press Club, Basheerbagh where elocution contest was held. Mr Vedakumar and teachers (Mrs. Vajra Kumari & others) from Oxford Grammar School played an active role in organizing the event. Forum leaders Capt. Rama Rao, M.H. Rao, R. Rajamani, Ms. Indira Lingam, C. Ramachandraiah also participated in the meeting. Prizes were distributed to the winners (four in each contest). The very fact that students from so many schools gathered to discuss the perils of noise pollution itself generated a lot of positive impact on the young minds. On 10th November an interaction meeting (Face to Face) of school children with media on the topic of noise pollution was organized at Press Club, Basheerbagh. Several schools participated in this programme. The children shared their views on noise pollution with the media, both print and electronic. This event acquired special significance in view of the Diwali festival. Several students declared openly that they would not buy noise-making crackers this time.
Effluent Pipeline to Disaster.
The Central and State Pollution Control Boards have failed to implement the directives issued in 1998 by the Supreme Court, for control of industrial pollution in Pattancheru and Bollarum industrial areas. To cover up their inability and lapses, the laying of 22.5 km long pipeline from Pattancheru CETP to discharge under-treated and untreated industrial effluents into Municipal sewers of Hyderabad, is suggested as the solution to eliminate the pollution problem of Nakka Vagu in Pattancheru. This is the clever move of the industries and Pollution Control Board to shift the pollution problem from Nakka Vagu to Musi river, that too camouflaged in the pipeline.
The Forum representatives presented a memorandum to Mr. T.R.Balu, Minister for Environment& Forests, Govt. of India, during his visit to Hyderabad on 16-9-2001, requesting him to review the proposal for laying the pipeline, as thousands of people living in about 40 villages down stream of Musi, are already suffering from pollution of surface and ground water, soil etc due to contamination from toxic and non degradable industrial pollutants already being discharged into Musi river. The letters have also been addressed to The Chief Secretary, Govt. of A.P and The Secretary, Ministry of Environ & Forests, Govt of India, on the subject.
Protection of Himayatsagar and Osmansagar.
The Supreme Court in its landmark judgment dated 1-12-2000, upheld the right to access to drinking water is fundamental to life and there is a duty on the State, under Article 21, to provide clean drinking water to its citizens. The State Govt and Pollution Control Board had been directed to make further study of the existing industries within 10 km up stream down stream of the lakes and take action under the provisions of Water Act, Air Act and Environment Protection Act.
The Pollution Control Board (PCB), in compliance with the Supreme Court directions, identified 148 industries having high polluting potential, and issued closure orders to 26 industries, including 5 textile units and 16 lead extraction units. Efforts are now being made to revoke the closure orders in respect of 4 textile units, as they are likely to achieve 'zero, discharge by adopting Reverse Osmosis system for treating their effluents. This goes against the Supreme Court directions as it is clearly stated that, as safeguards could fail either due to accident or due to human error, the polluting unit cannot be permitted to operate within 10km of the lakes, as a precautionary measure.
The Forum addressed letters to the Chief Secretary, Principal Secretaries of departments of Industry and Environment & Forests, requesting not to revoke the closure orders issued in respect of textile units, as they have been polluting Noormohmed Kunta near Kattedan, Agricultural University and ultimately Musi river. The Supreme Court has been apprised of the situation by addressing a letter on the subject.
Ship-Breaking Unit at Vodarevu in Prakasam District
The State pollution Control Board issued order dated 14-2-2000 to M/s Andhra Seaports Ltd, ordering the stoppage of work of the Ship-Breaking unit at Vodarevu. The order clearly stated that the ship-breaking activity will have an impact on aquatic life due to contamination of water and is likely to hamper the fish stock availability adversely affecting the livelihood of large number of fishermen families in the area. It also stated that with the location of the unit, the fishermen living in the area will be deprived of access to the sea, apart being exposed to health and environment hazards, due to contamination of air, water and soil , by the ship-breaking activity
The same Pollution Control Board has now cleared the proposal to set up the ship-breaking unit at Vodarevu even with out public hearing, in spite of large number of complaints and objections received by the board against setting up of the unit at Vodarevu. It is also against the Govt of India Notification, declaring Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) and Regulating Activities in CRZ, prohibiting activities of manufacture or handling or storage or disposal of notified hazardous substances, some of which are involved in the ship-breaking activity.
The Forum addressed letters to Shore Area Development Authority(SADA), The Chief Secretary, Govt. of A.P and The Secretary, MOE&F, GOI, requesting not to permit the location of ship-breaking unit at Vodarevu.
Municipal Solid Wastes(Management & Handling) Rules, 2000
As per the above rules issued by Govt. of India, the existing landfill sites are required to be improved to the specified standards by 31-12-2001 and the identification of landfill sites for future use and making the site ready for operation are to be completed by 31-12-2002 or earlier, while the setting up of waste processing and disposal facilities are to be completed by 31-12-2003 or earlier. The land filling of mixed waste shall be avoided, unless the same is found unsuitable for waste processing.
Forum addressed letters on the subject to The Chief Secretary ,The Principal Secretary , MAU&D, and The Member Secretary, AP PCB requesting for effective implementation of the above.
IMAX Theatre
Forum filed W.P in the A.P High Court challenging the change of land use of 4 hectares of area near NTR garden, from water body to commercial use, which is now being utilized for setting up IMAX Theatre and Amusement Park
Forum writes to the Ministry: Opposing the location of Cement industry within the periphery of 25 km from Rajiv Gandhi Tiger Reserve in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, the Forum has written to the Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India requesting him not to give permission to the industry. It may be recalled that location of such industries is against the guidelines of the Minsitry on siting of industries near sensitive areas like wildlife parks, biosphere reserves etc. It was reported earlier in the press that the Government of A.P. gave permission to that industry in violation of the existing norms.
On Cyberabad Master Plan: The Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has invited comments from the Forum on the Draft Master Plan for Cyberabad. It may be recalled that about 52 of area, mostly from the Serilingampally municipality, has been carved out for special development as Cyberabad. The Hi-Tec City, Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), University of Hyderabad etc., are located in this area.
The Forum submitted comments on the need for more open spaces at different places, greenery, housing areas for service personnel, compliance with FSI etc. The Draft Master Plan was not sensitive to these issues.
On Diwali and Noise:The Forum is planning to take up two schools to educate children on the perils of noise pollution due to exploding crackers during Diwali. The purpose is to celebrate the festival in a more peaceful ambience.
Recent Activities
Automobile Pollution: The problem of vehicular pollution is reaching alarming levels in Hyderabad. The roads are literally choking with smoke and noise. In this connection, we are reproducing below the letter addressed by the Chairman of the Forum, Capt. J. Rama Rao to the Hon'ble CM of Andhra Pradesh.
Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu,
Hon'ble Chief Minister,
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh,
Hyderabad 500 022.
Sub: Automobile Pollution
At the outset we would like to compliment the Hon'ble Chief Minister, for highlighting the magnitude and seriousness of automobile pollution in the State, at the World Environment Day programme on 5-6-2001.
The Hon'ble Chief minister may recall that the subject of controlling urban air pollution from automobile emissions was being discussed and debated since early 1990s. But unfortunately in spite of various studies carried out, workshops conducted, reports submitted and announcements made on the subject during the last ten years or so, nothing substantial has happened to control the pollution.

The automobile pollution has become an intangible threat to the citizens of Hyderabad, as the number of vehicles and their harmful emissions and consequent respiratory diseases and incidence of cancer are rapidly increasing. Given the long time lag between cause and effect and between effect and remedy, we cannot afford to go on debating and procrastinating. It is time to act swiftly and decisively to minimize automobile emissions by a prudent course of action.
Some time back it was reported that the State Cabinet had taken a decision to phase out all government vehicles older than 15 years, numbering about 3000 to 4000. But neither a time schedule was announced nor was there any follow up action on phasing out. It was also announced that the registration of two-stroke, two/three wheelers and supply of loose 2-T oil would be stopped in the HUDA limits from April 1, 2000. But unfortunately all the measures announced from time to time to control automobile pollution,remained as well intentioned proclamations only on paper.
The A.P Pollution Control Board is understood to have recommended to the State Government. certain measures, quite some time back, for control of automobile pollution and to improve ambient air quality in twin cities and the HUDA area. But there does not seem to be any follow up action on them, in spite of serious nature of the problem.

The Hon'ble A.P. High Court in its judgment on W.P. 7755 of 1997, observed that State Government shall be failing in the discharge of their duties if, they do not endow sufficient consideration to pollution control (Air pollution from auto emissions) and delay in taking steps for such control measures , which are essential. It is therefore requested that necessary action be initiated to implement the recommendations of AP PCB without any further delay. The measures directed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in respect of Delhi Busses for conversion to CNG operation, be also considered in respect RTC busses operating in HUDA area and other Urban Development Authority areas, without waiting for court directions.
Looking forward for an early action in the light of serious nature of the problem and the urgency to solve he same.
Thanking You,
Yours Cordially,
Capt J.Rama Rao Chairman
Meeting on Ganesh immersion.
The Forum members had a long meeting with the Bhagyanagar Ganesh Immersion Committee on May 24th in the Police Control Room in the old city. Several top level police officials from the city were also present. The Forum appealed that the size of the idols may be reduced and the use of toxic chemicals may be substituted by eco-friendly vegetable oils so that the pollution in the Hussainsagar lake can be reduced in course of time. The talks were deadlocked. The issue will have to be pursued in future also.
Environmental Awareness:
Several members of the Forum participated in interactive sessions with school children on different aspects of environmental awareness. These sessions were shot for Doordarshan, the government TV channel in Telugu, for telecast.